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Spiced Golden Rum by Twin Fin

Includes 1 FREE 200ml bottle of Ginger Beer.

Twin Fin has a rich smooth taste with warm spicy notes combined with a touch of tropical fragrance and a light smoky-sweet finish.

Distilled in Twin Fins flame-fired copper pot still, Tressa, they combine Caribbean rum and a secret blend of spices before adding a touch of PX Sherry for sweetness. Finally, Twin Fin rest this incredible blend over charred oak chips to give it a rich golden colour.

This spiced golden rum has no added sugar, no artificial flavours and an approachable yet unique flavour.

70cl @ 38%


Smooth and rich, caramelised banana with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg undertones

Exotic citrus, oak and light spice

Smoky-sweet with an enduring hint of fruit