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Three Spirit - The Gift Pack

The trilogy gift box comes with:

1 x 20cl bottle Livener

1 x 20cl bottle Social Elixir

1 x 20cl bottle Nightcap

Livener - This invigorating elixir is the perfect party pick-me-up. Enjoy euphoric feels from guayusa, guava leaf and schisandra and big flavours from vibrant berries, bright aromatics and heat.

Social Elixir - This dark herbal elixir is the ultimate social companion and mood elevator. Natural, blissful feeling with lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate and damiana. Full-bodied and bittersweet with a curious savoury bite.

Night Cap - This indulgent elixir is made with tree saps, aromatic plants and ancient remedies used to relax and unwind. Enjoy complex notes of wood and bright spice with a calm, dreamy feeling.