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Espresso Martini by Troo

A well balanced coffee and vodka cocktail. Troo Espresso Martini is made with premium grain vodka, freshly brewed Italian espresso (ground and brewed by ourselves), a premium Mexican coffee liqueur or and a small amount of our home-made sugar syrup to help bring the flavours of the cocktail together. Each batch is tested to ensure the final drink has a delicate body, great texture and a beautiful foam finish.

70cl @ 21%

Prepare Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour in 125ml of your Troo Espresso Martini and shake vigorously for 25 seconds. Pour Pour through a cocktail strainer and into a cocktail coupe glass. Garnish Delicately place a few coffee beans on top of the foam either by hand or with some cocktail tweezers. Enjoy At the end of a sophisticated dinner party, or when you need that extra kick! Note To maintain the icy cold temperature always keep a couple of coupe glasses in the freezer or alternatively place some ice in the glass a few minutes before preparing and then pour this away prior to serving.