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Uisage Gin by Staffordshire Distillery

A premium blend of botanicals vapour infused through copper for a smooth, clean taste, blended with mineral water from the Cairngorms. We use a blend of botanicals such as cassia, hibiscus, rowan berries with citrus fruits and cinnamon that gives a delicate refreshing smooth tasting gin. Perfect with a wedge of lime, a plain tonic or even neat.

70cl @ 42%

A little bit of history from Staffordshire Distillery

"Premium botanicals distilled to a London Dry recipe blended using Scottish water from the Cairngorms National Park, near Balmoral. Pronounced ‘Ooos-ka’ from the Gaelic of ‘uisge-beatha’ meaning ‘Water of Life’. Rachel was auditing a water spring in the Highlands and was overwhelmed by the story of the water that the spring held…the water passes through rock for 50 years before it gets to the spring and is known in the area for its healing benefits. Legally we can’t connotate any healing benefits of gin! But the water that we use has been known to. Queen Victoria used to bathe in the ancient spring to heal arthritis and other aliments and is widely documented in Deeside for its healing attributes. The water each year is blessed by monks who visit the spring that overlooks the glen of the Cairngorms and the River Dee. Scottish water is the best in the world, hence why so many distilleries are based there, so if we can’t build the distillery in Scotland – the main ingredient will come to us."

The balance of minerals in the water blends beautifully with the botanicals of the gin to give a smooth rounded taste. They use fruits such as lemon, orange, grapefruit with cassia, linden flowers, hibiscus and cinnamon that give a delicate and refreshing gin. Perfect with a slice of lime or red grapefruit, and lots of ice.